F . A . Q

What is your focus in your photography?
                Weddings (Local, Destination &Elopements), Engagements, Couples, Families, Seniors, Maternity, and Newborn. 

What inspires your photography?
                Inspiration to me, comes in different forms and with the many interesting cultural changes, as well as technology we have available today, I am alway finding new ways to be inspired. One example is through researching locations, poses, or styles and work by other artists. Sometimes my inspiration even comes when I have no direction or destination and bring pure genuine, new and authentic artistic ideas to whatever I find in front of me. It can even be the small things that capture my attention, showing emotion and make me smile. Inspiring things are truly everywhere. I personally feel God our creator is the ultimate source for inspiration. This can come from looking at things in a new way, like color, smells, the feel of things, a look someone gives, architecture, taste of food, different forms of media and art, and so much more. Our creator brings so much beauty into the world! One of my favorite thinking places is usually right before falling asleep or in morning in the shower. Both are times when I experience quiet and just think. Some of my best thoughts come during these times.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel 30 or more calendar days before the session date, any deposit paid to the Photographer shall be refunded in full. If Client cancels within the 30 days of the session date and if Photographer does not obtain another assignment for that time, deposit shall be retained as liquidated damages. But it is never my intention to pressure someone into going through with a session. All I ask is that we respect each other’s time. Just let me know as soon as you find out so that another client may book since that time was being reserved for you.

If you cancel 60 or more calendar days before the session date, any deposit paid to the Photographer shall be refunded in full. If Client cancels within the 60 days of the session date and if the Photographer does not obtain another assignment for that time, the deposit shall be retained as liquidated damages.

Is there a limit to the number of photographs you take?
Yes. Depending on the collection package you book will all depend on how many I take and provide. I will try and fit in as much as I can in the time frame I have. What I do deliver is all usable images based on my personal best choices. This means I do not provide all images. I only provide usable images on the number included from your collection package. After your session I sort and sift through the images and remove any that may have unintended usage. Like a blur, or a pole in the wrong place, or squinty eyes and such. Things that don't make the photograph the best of quality. The best of the best are the only ones to leave my studio and in your hands. I know you want the best of of the best, so that's what I deliver. You also have the choice to purchase more digital and/or print images on top of your collection. You are not limited, but there is an additional cost/fee.

Where are you located? Do you come to my house? Can we use a studio?
I am right on the boarder of Washington in Vancouver, 30 minutes outside Portland, Oregon. So I service both locations.  I love to travel... see next question below. Current collections include services to the local Portland & Vancouver surrounding area. I often travel to the Gorge, the beach, the mountains (Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens) and Bend for gorgeous on location sessions, which make for wonderful custom experience and images, but do require an additional travel fee (see below). I also service in home lifestyle sessions for newborn or family to remember that time and place in the future and allows a comfortable setting and personal touch. I do not usually photograph in studio setting, but willing to discuss further based on your needs.  

Do you travel? Is there a Travel Fee?
I absolutely love to travel and feel unique locations make for some of the best images. If you would love to have a personal and customizable experience I would be glad to travel to any photo session location you would like. Local WA & OR areas include a smaller added travel fee (like the mountains, bend, the gorge, and beach), compared to out of state or country weddings. Arrangements will be made based on your location, which will be listed in your contract once decided and confirmed. For an exact quote, please contact me for more. 

Do you retouch my images?
All images are edited by me and have basic retouching included. Basic retouching is included for images that need changes such as color correction. These are edited to my discretion and not extensive. I keep my subjects as natural as possible for the most accurate and true look and feel from when the photo was captured to maintain quality. Extensive retouching is not included which are things such as (but not limited too): liquefying body size/shape, smoothing skin, removal of other people or items in the image, and swapping faces, eyes, etc.

Will I provide RAW files to clients upon request?

I do not provide any RAW files to clients for any reason. 
First if you hired me, that means you loved my work and trust me. You are paying for me... which means I am professional, know my work, the business/trade, and am worth the price. There is a lot of work that goes into the post-production of images after a photo session. When we have completed our session, my work isn't over. The art process isn't finished. I spend a large amount of time going through the images, selecting the very best to make sure I am giving only the highest of quality images to each client. Then I edit/retouch the images. Imagine a potterer giving away a RAW unfired pot that hasn't been glazed and water just seems through when used, or a baker delivering a cake that hasn't been frosted and decorated. Delivering images unfinished isn't why you are hiring me. Personally I prefer to work with clients that are hiring me for my eye, the style I provide and deliver in a finished product, which is what you see all on my website. Photography is an art form and I want all my images that my clients share, use, print etc. to show off my work. On top of that, providing the raw files is giving up the copyright to the my work. The owner of the RAW file is typically deemed the owner of the photograph (per the copyright laws). Which I don't give up my copyright to my images that I photograph (see the next question below for more on this). I post all this information within my contract for each client which they are required to sign before I am fully hired and begin working together. If you truly want the full copyright I am willing to negotiate. Please inquire for more information depending on your circumstances. 

Who owns the rights to the images?
As the artist, I own the copyright of all images created. As my client I give you printing rights to your images purchased in your collection. This allows you to print the images professionally with a professional printer of your choice. Although, as your photographer I work with a professional print lab directly and you can read more on why I suggest you order prints though me and not your local stores like Costco, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. Read more about this in my  Product page. 
As the copyright owner I use the images for my portfolio, samples, promotionals, marketing, photographic contests, art exhibitions, display, and in some cases editorial publication. I understand some people prefer to not be published or used for marketing and online. If so, please let me know and I will make the necessary changes before you sign your contract.