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Let's work to capture more than just a beautiful picture, but the true personality of who you are. You will know where to stand, how to pose, and become comfortable allowing yourself to enjoy your time with me and not be focused on the camera. No two people are alike, so to set you apart, your session reflects you. My style and eye are described as bright with a warm and airy feel that includes soft muted tones and has yellows, oranges, and greens. A true classic timeless look that reflects films smooth, soft palette, buttery skin tones and somewhat grainy textures, all while using the reliability of digital creating a luxury look. The best of both worlds.

Each session incorporates a variety of captured poses within the portraits, ranging from flowing movement, natural candids that are interactive, traditional poses that are timeless and usually ending with a few intimate and romantic moments. Sometimes images are captured in rapid fire to savor the best expressions; like those sweet smirks, contagious laughs, and all the love you can feel bursting through each image. Lighting plays a key role to include the most natural haze, flares, sunrises and sunsets for gorgeous light that reflect the you in the most beautiful and flattering way. At times a soft overcast is also a wonderful way to capture gentle tones, instead of using a more direct and harsher sunlight that creates very rigid deep lines that are sometimes less forgiving. To receive the best images, our session time is first priority when scheduling to ensure for the most optimal light. 

As a result you receive a visual archive of a custom experiences, showing authenticity, emotion of refined quality that you, your children and grand-children will treasure for generations. Take a peek through my galleries and blog and you'll see just how gorgeous your photos will turn out!